Qxhna Titcomb


Name: Qxhna W. B. Titcomb, #10

Name pronunciation: Chee-nah

AKA: Quinoa, Q.

Age: 21

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Position: D-line Handler

Years on Brute: 1st!

Ultimate Resumé:
The Hotchkiss School
Team USA U20 2010 (alternate) & 2012 (captain)
Tufts University EWO 2012-2014: New England 2nd FOTY 2012, New England 2nd team all-region 2013, 2014
Coach: Somerville High School Women’s Villens

In real life I…am going into my senior year at Tufts University where I major in International Relations – Middle East and minor in Chinese. I am the youngest of the Titcomb clan and all 4 of my siblings have names just as unique as mine. They run an ultimate outfitting company you may have heard of.

Favorite pump up jam: Hippie Sabotage – Stay High (Tove Lo Flip)

Secret Talent: I was into freestyle as a toddler and went to worlds a bunch, however I don’t really remember the details…


My greatest irrational fear is… Full-screen dramatic TV shows

Name of your first unborn child: Elizabeth…but her name  will be pronounced “Sarah”

Food I could eat forever (disregarding nutrition/practicality): mayonnaise

Fun Facts: I speak 4 languages

I won 1st place at the U18 French Nationals for singles & doubles in 2007 for Acrobatic Skiing (moguls)


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