Paula Seville


imageName: Paula Marguerite Seville, #14

AKA: Peela; pahhwlah eat ya vegetables

Age: 24

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Position: O-Line Handler

Years on Brute: 1st

Ultimate Resumé: Paideia High School, UMichigan FlyWheel, Zeitgeist, Overhaul, Nemesis. Callahan Award winner 2012.

Off-field Role: Hotel Squad and keeper of the “chill party mix”

In real life I…am a professional dog walker/trainer, home baker, nanny, and summer enjoyer. When I’m not busy being professional, I enjoy drawing, cooking, eating, baking biscuits, and canning peaches in syrup (just an example of the most southern things I do).

Favorite pump up jam: Outkast/Big Boi – forever and always

My greatest irrational fear is…   I just spent the last ten minutes thinking really hard about this and I am stumped. Sorry I’m terrible at this. If this helps – last night my roommate had friends over, one of them brought her dog, the dog preceded to come into my room while I was packing. But then I used my expert dog training skills to get her out .


My secret talents: Saying everything as if it were 100% fact

Editor’s note: Parts of Paula’s “in real life” section may be fictitious. She actually works at a technology company that aggregates building utility data to identify energy/water/cost savings but someone started a rumor that she was a dog trainer and we went with it.


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