Tulsa Douglas


Name: Tulsa Fallon Douglas, #14

AKA: Tuls, Tul, Tully

Age: 21

Hometown: Amherst, MA

Position: Handler

Seasons on Brute Squad:

Ultimate Resumé:
Amherst Regional High School Hurricanes (2011-2014)
BUDA YCC (2011-2014)
St. Olaf College Vortex (captain 3 years, Donovan finalist 2017)
Minneapolis Millers (2015)
Siege (2016)
USA U-24 Women’s National Team (2018)

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 11.32.15 AM
Tulsa Skying on BUDA YCC team

Off-field Roles:
Mental Toughness squad
FUNdraising Squad
GE Squad

In real life I… am going into my senior year at St. Olaf where I am majoring in exercise science and psychology. During the summer I spend my time coaching and being a counselor at the best camp ever (NUTC). In my free time I enjoy playing badminton, sand volleyball, board games, hiking, swimming, skiing, and reading.

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 2.40.56 PM.png

Favorite pump up Jam: I’ve been into Take on Me by A-ha and Ain’t My Fault by Zara Larsson recently

Tell an embarrassing story: In 3rd grade I was the anchor in a 100m relay at a track meet. They brought us out to our places so early that I really REALLY had to pee but was too scared to ask anyone to take me to the bathroom. By the the time the race came around I was crouched waiting on the blocks but couldn’t hold it in anymore and peed my pants. Then I ran the race and we won.

What’a your biggest irrational fear?
Kitchen sponges and cats but not together

Who would you call first from Brute 2017 to help you move a body? Angela because she’d giggle the whole time but also know exactly what to do

What Harry Potter House do you think you belong in? Ravenclaw

What Harry Potter House do you ACTUALLY belong in (Official Sorting Hat Quiz): Ravenclaw then Hufflepuff

Fun/weird facts:
I really like street sweepers and my favorite day of the year is when they sweep my street


Social media intro: Even though her name suggests otherwise, today’s featured rookie actually hails from Amherst, MA – where she obviously got an early start skying other youths #NUTCNation. It seems like Amherst just breeds stoic handlers (e.g. Claudia, Amber, Ebae) and now you can add #14 Tulsa Douglas to that list.  Tulsa is a rock when handling the rock. Do NOT sleep on her, she WILL bust your zone defense wide open with a fiery hot cross field hammer #thathappened. She’s also been known to win track meets even after springing a leak #thatalsohappened #shewas9. Tulsa is an enigma – she hates cats and loves street sweepers, but we still adore her whole-heartedly despite this massive character flaw. Click on the link to read her full bio!  #AmherstSweetheart  #thevortexiscoming #sandvolleyball #TulsaOK