Shira Klane

Name: Shira Gabrielle Klane, #25
AKA: Shakira, Shi Shi, Shir, Yoga Jones
Age: 26

Hometown: Golden Valley, MN

Position: D-line Handler

Years on Brute: 2

Ultimate Resumé: Hopkins High School HUrt (2002-2004), captained/founded the women’s team, HERt (2004-2006); University of Wisconsin- Madison, Bella Donna (2006-2010); Minneapolis Pop (2011-2012); Brute Squad (2013-2014)

Off-field Role: #hotelsquad; Post practice/tournament Yoga Master

In real life I…just finished my first year in the Direct Entry Master’s of Nursing program at the Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions. I teach power yoga and yoga sculpt at CorePower Yoga- Boston. I am a member of the tribe that is November Project. I workout on occasion.

Favorite pump up jam: Right now, One Republic’s “Love Me Again”

My greatest irrational fear: is that someday I won’t be able to resist pulling the fire alarm.

Fun Fact: I suffer from debilitating laughter at least once per day.


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