Shellie Cohen


Name: Shellie Grace Cohen, #28

AKA: ShelCo, ShmellyShellie, JOS (Jolly Ol’ Shellie)

Age: 22 (actually, unlike Magz).

Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC (oh haay MJ)

Position: O-line Handler

Years on Brute: 1st!

Ultimate Resumé:
Chapel Hill HS (2007-2010, captain 2010, HS State Champs 2009), NC YCC Womens Queen Anne’s Revenge (2008-2010, captain 2009-2010, Second Place 2008), NC YCC Mixed Graveyard of the Atlantic (2011, captain), Ember Women’s Ultimate (2010), UNC Pleiades (2011-2014, captain 2012-2014, AC Freshman of the Year 2011, First Team All-Region 2012-2014, AC Player of the Year 2014), Breakmark All American Player 2012 & 2014, Runner-Up Callahan 2014, Phoenix Women’s Ultimate (2011-2013, T-Third 2011), USA U23 Womens Team (2013, Winner), Boston Wild Card (2014, WUCC 2014).
YCC u19 Warhawks Coach, 2012.
MIT sMITe Women’s Coach, 2014

Off-field Roles:
Captain Quiet (softest yeller)
Self-proclaimed team Grandma (see below)
Least Adultest
Captain Awkward…
grandma shelco

In real life I…
Work part-time as Kitchen GE at CIC-Cambridge (I make sure food looks good in extensive break rooms at a start-up incubator). I also work part-time as event/staff promotion at Downeast Cider. I spend a lot of my time reading, watching movies/TV, drinking (apple juice), and speaking juuust soft enough to not quite be heard by Schwam. I love eating and trying new desserts though you can guarantee I’m eating ghetto pasta most days of the week.

Favorite pump up Jam:
Ohh it changes weekly, but right now, probably “Trap Queen” by Fetty Wap. 

What awards did you win when you were younger?
“coach’s award” on my swim team when I was 11.**
Lots of stars on my elementary school field days sheet, yo.

** There was a girl on my swim team who couldn’t swim.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I had four dream jobs, one (and a half) which is still attainable.
1. astronaut
2. spy
3. professional soccer player
4. cheese counter worker (THINK OF THE FREE CHEESE)

What was your first AOL Screen Name?
yes. it’s spelled wrong.IMG_5128

Fun Fact:
I once beat a man dressed in a penguin suit in a training knife fight outside of the daiquiri deck.

I saved a cat once.


Photo credit = Magon Liu

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