Sara Jacobi


Name: Sara Jacobi, #3

AKA: Jacobi

Age: 28

Hometown: Attleboro, MA

Position: Cutter

Years on Brute: 8, like the number of cats I will own one day.

Ultimate Resumé: Boston University Lady Ozone Pilots, All-Region 1st Team 2008, Callahan Nominee

Off-field Role: Team photographer and prez of the social media squad

In real life I…Work as a digital content manager for Northeastern, and I am getting my master’s degree in digital media management. I also have two cats that I like to dress up like superheroes.

Favorite pump up jam: Timber by Ke$ha, also anything by Ke$ha

My greatest irrational fear is… that somehow birds will start nesting in my hair…

Fun Fact: I once thought Ke$ha liked my instagram photo but it turned out to be a fake account. It was the best then worst day of my life.

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