Molly Paige

Name: Molly Paige, #37

AKA: Mollz Ballz, Darkhorse

Age: 24

Hometown: Yarmouth, ME

Position: D-line Cutter

Years on Brute: 1st!

Ultimate Resumé: UC Santa Cruz Sol (captain 2011); AIR (SF mixed); Groove (SF mixed).

In real life I… am in my second year at Tufts Medical School so you could say I spend a lot of time in the library! I like to dance like Kristen Wiig with Courtney Kiesow.

Favorite pump up jam:  “Call your Girlfriend” by Robyn

Celebrity I most self-identify with:  I don’t self-identify with this celebrity but  I recently chopped off all my hair when I was in Haiti and now some people say I look identical to the fictional character Roger, the owner of Pongo in the animated movie 101 Dalmations.


Secret Talent: I was a state champion skier. I’m also moderately good at handstands.

Fun Facts:
I once ate 13 waffles in one sitting, and on a related note my high school senior superlative was “Class Eater”.
I once lived in a teepee with my family for a whole summer




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