Mia Greenwald


Name: Amelia Greenwald, #7

AKA: Mia, Meow, Batman 

Age: 22

Hometown: Park City, UT / Concord, MA

Position: O-line Cutter

Years on Brute: 2

Ultimate Resumé: Concord-Carlisle High School 2006-2008; Golden Spike 2009; Tufts EWO 2010-2014 (Captain 2013-2014), 1st Team All-Region 2014

Off-field Role: Injury Squad, Social Media Squad.

In real life I…am currently a starving artist/ Hostess with the most-est. I enjoy printmaking/ various art things, being terrible at filling out googledocs, traveling, biking, climbing, and other fun outdoor activities (when I’m not injured). I also used be a swimmer.  People assume I’m a vegetarian even though I’m not.

Favorite pump up jams: I really only listen to like, German death reggae, and Halloween sound effects records from the 1950s. And Bette Midler, obviously….Also I occasionally like to bark to DMX with Schwam too.

My greatest irrational fear: I’ve mostly gotten over this one, but sock monkeys.  They are the face of evil.

Food I could eat forever (disregarding nutrition/practicality): I’d say peanut butter, but I actually tried that a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t. Sooo carrots and humus.

My secret talents: If you’re sitting near me for an extended period of time I’m probably drawing you. My notes from college are mainly sketches of classmates and professors. Whoops.
I can sing the elements.

Fun Facts: I’m an ultimate baby (Mom played on Godiva, Dad played on Rude Boys.)
I was interviewed live on Cuban Radio once.
My real name is Amelia! (this blew Vicky’s mind for several weeks)

Anything else you’d like to add?  A copy of my resume? Just kidding. Don’t add that.


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