Megan Wilson


Name: Megan Louise Wilson, #32

AKA: Moose, Moo-moo (only Vicky calls me that).

Age: 22

Hometown: The Big Apple

Position: D-line handler

Seasons on Brute Squad: 1st!

Ultimate Resumé:

Youth: Stuyvesant Sticky Fingers, 2012-2014
College: Tufts EWO, 2015-2018
Club: Wild Card, 2016-2017

Off-field Role: EST & AOT Squad, bottom 6

In real life I…am a building technology engineer! I design energy efficient components to building facades so that they don’t fall apart on ya. In my free time I enjoy crossword puzzles and Lime-a-Rita’s.
Favorite pump up Jam: 
Feel Like Makin’ Love. SAIL will also hold a spot in my heart.

What is the most fun/weird/surprising thing about playing for Brute Squad so far? That Becky (who coached me in college), knows how to laugh.

What’s the best or worst bet you’ve ever won/lost: I have earned about 7 tacos from Liên by winning every bet we’ve made. Beating Liên is the best. I don’t know why she keeps agreeing to taco bets.

What’s your biggest irrational fear? Cardboard cutouts of celebrities hidden in dark corners.

What was your first AIM screen name? Megzgetsmoney. I was 11 and I had no money.

What’s your biggest pet peeve? Straws that are too long for cups.

Tell an embarrassing story: No way. That would ruin my “cool” vibe.10690331_10201904594695292_1875536892837516314_n.jpg

What’s something your parents don’t know about you? Honestly, they probably know it all. We talk almost daily.

Fun & Weird Facts: 

-I played the tuba in high school and I was also on the step team.
-And I also sang in a church choir but don’t fancy myself particularly religious, just a fan of choral music and musky old robes.
-I didn’t have my drivers license until about 1 month ago (NYC livin’) and now I have a car!

Social Media Bio:

This rookie is supes cool because she’s from The Big Apple. She started her ultimate career in high school with Stuyvesant Sticky fingers, then soon enough she joined the herd of elephants at Tufts, then she dabbled in mixed with Wild Card and then FINALLY we snagged her on Brute. Moose is just as cute and cuddly as her nickname implies, but when she’s on the field she sharpens her antlers with her tight pressure D and rifles off quick releases before you get a chance to say the “s” of “shake it like a polaroid picture.” Also, beware, she’s currently on a 7 taco winning streak with bets against another Brute so think twice before throwing in your odds … especially if your name is Liên. Moose is fearless, except when it comes to cardboard cutouts of celebrities in dark corners – she’s terrified of those. We love #32, Megan “Moose” Wilson, she keeps us young and hip. Click on the link to read her full bio and find out more fun stuff like what it was like to be coached by Becky! #themooseisloose #dilweed #megzgetsmoney