Magon Liu

  Name: Magon X Liu, #5

AKA: Mag(z), Magic, Dragon, Magoon, Magernch, Lit’l Meg, Saggy Maggy

Age: “I don’t know about you but I’m feelin‘ 22…”

Hometown: A-town (Ames, Iowa)

Position: Flexible

Years on Brute: 1st!

Ultimate Resumé:
High School: Ames ToP
College: Woman Scorned – Iowa State University (Captain 2 years, Coach 1 year, Social Chair for life, 2012 Callahan Nominee, 1st team All-Region, 2nd string FOTY to Rachael “Rafael” Westgate)
Club: Sharkface, Tequila Mockingbird, Downtown Brown, Beavers and Bros, Friends, Chad Larson Experience
Worlds: 2013 U23 USA Women’s

Off-field Role:
Car/Hotel Squad, Selfie Stick Squad, Social Media Squad, but most importantly – #HotDogPizzaSquad

In real life I…
Am a professional line waiter. People pay me stupid sums of money to wait in line for them if they are too busy. I get paid extra most of the time because I often get to cut the line thanks to my startling good looks. In my free time I often try not to pee my pants. I also enjoy rock climbing, ukelele’ing, Microsoft Paint, and SnapChat – of course.

What awards did you win when you were younger?
5th grade – Student of the quarter at Duluth Middle School. Go wildcats.
2001 – I won a huge trophy for the Girls’ Singles Table Tennis Division at a local tournament in Georgia.

First AOL/AIM Screen name:
First? People had more than one? Those savages…

magzpandaFavorite pump up Jam:
“Halo” by Queen Bey. Forever and always.

What is one thing you think you are the best at compared to everyone else on Brute Squad?
peeing my pants


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