Liên Hoffmann

 Name: Liên Marie Hoffmann, #19
AKA: Princess LiLi, Wonder Twin #2, Joanne…
Age: 23
Hometown: Golden, CO

Position: Cutter

Years on Brute: 1st!

Ultimate Resumé: Lakehood HS (2008), Colorado Cutthroat YCC (2008), Northwestern University GungHo (2008-2013), FOTY (2009), 1st Team All-Region (2010-2013), Callahan Finalist (2013), Chicago Nemesis (2010, 2013)
I coached the GungHo B Vegetables

Off-field Role: Victim of the SCSPLHN (Society for the Correct Spelling and Pronunciation of Liên Hoffmann’s Name) #2fs2ns

In real life I…am a Mechanical Engineer at iRobot. Think Roombas. I often think about where and how I am going to get my 2nd dinner, which brings me to my favorite hobby: eating.

Favorite pump up jam: It might be Nelly.

Celebrity I most self Identify with: Keanu Reeves because we’re both half asian and I don’t know any other celebrities.

My greatest irrational fear: mildly scary movies, and the dark.

Secret Talent: super smash bros.

Fun Fact: I once at 50 pieces of sushi in one sitting.
I love cleat shopping so much I went to the store 5 times this year.


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