Levke Walczak

Name: Levke Walczak #42
AKA: Lev

Age: 26

Pronouns: she/her

Hometown: Kiel, Germany

Position: D-line flex [author note: flexes are the future]

Off-field Role: Workouts Committee

Seasons on Brute Squad: 1st! 

Ultimate Resume: 

  • Germany World Games 2022
  • Medellin Revolution (WUCC Champions 2022)
  • Eurostars 2019
  • “Other various German National Teams”

In real life I… am a med student and hospital intern starting in November. When I’m not spending all my free time and money playing ultimate, I enjoy playing other sports – especially Roundnet; jumping into the Ocean, the sea, or lakes. The saltier the better.

College Major: Medicine

Favorite Pump Up Jam: Obvs – Jamie xx

Fun Facts:  

  • I’ve been coachsurfing/ living on my bike the past year
  • I’ll be playing the Roundnet World Championship in September
  • I don’t like Ice Cream

What is the most fun/weird/surprising thing about playing for Brute Squad so far: lot’s of pride and queerness within the team👑 🌈

Tell me something your parents don’t know: I often skip breakfast…

How many raccoons could you fight at once: 42

Favorite tournament/practice food: fennel

What’s your biggest pet peeve? people clonking their teeth against cutlery while eating

Social Media Bio:

We’re excited to start off rookie bios with this player! She hails from Kiel, Germany and has a stellar ultimate resume. She recently won a WUCC title with Revolution and has competed with multiple German national teams, including at the World Games this year. Frisbee isn’t her only sport, though, as she will also be competing in the Roundnet (Spikeball) World Championships this fall! She has some unique food preferences: she doesn’t like ice cream and says her favorite tournament food is fennel (you’ll have to ask her about that one). She is jersey #42 and also claims she could fight a whopping 42 raccoons at once! Brute is proud to present our first rookie of the season, Levke Walczak!