Leila Tunnell


Name: Leila Garland Tunnell, #18

AKA: Queen LeiLei

Age: 26

Hometown: Atlana, GA

Position: Handler

Years on Brute: 4, (non-consecutive)

Ultimate Resumé: Paideia HS(2002-2006), U-20 girls national team (2004, 2006), Connecticut college women’s team (2007-2008), UNC Pleiades (2009-2011), First Team All-Region (2007-2011), Skyd All-American Team (2011), Callahan Award Winner (2011), Callahan Award first runner-up (2010), Skyd Starting Seven (2012), Atlanta Ozone (2004), NC Backhoe (2009), NC Phoenix (2010-2012), Brutesquad (2007-2008, 2013-2014),

Coaching Resumé: This season I was the assistant coach for the Amherst high school boys varsity team and also coached in the Amherst BUDA youth summer league. I have also coached the NC girls YCC team (2009-2010), the Jordan high school open team in Durham NC (2010-2011), the Stuyvesant High school girls team in NYC (2012-2013), and was one of the assistant coaches for the U-20 girls national team (2012). Additionally, I have been the Assistant Director and a counselor at the National Ultimate Training Camp in Amherst, MA since 2007.

Off-field Role: I bring the produce

In real life I…am an apprentice on a diversified vegetable farm in Amherst, MA. Sometimes I go to tomato festivals. I enjoy sleeping, fantasy books and blueberry picking.

Favorite pump up jam: I’m more into pump-down jams. Think slow, usually sad, folky music.

Celebrity I most self Identify with: Pocahontas’  overly-cautious friend, Nacoma.

My greatest irrational fear: New York City

Fun Fact: I am the lead singer of a Taylor Swift cover band. 


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