Kirsten Unfried


Name: Kirsten Unfried, #16

AKA: Mittens, Birthday Girl

Age: 37 years young

Hometown: Scotch Plains, NJ

Position: O-line Cutter

Years on Brute: 1st!

Ultimate Resumé: Ewo (Tufts) 1999, Psychos (UCSD) 2001, Safari (San Diego) 2000-2002, Fury (SF Bay Area) 2003-2005, Ozone (Atlanta) 2007-2008, Blue Print (NJ) 2010, Death by Jubilee (DC) 2011, Scandal (DC) 2012-2013
I  Coached the Georgetown Huckin’ Foyas in 2013.

Off-field Role: Post-tournament data entry

In real life I…am an associate at ICF International…in the Program Assistance, Design, Monitoring, and Evaluation for Sustainable Human Development group of the International Health DivisionI also enjoy running, hiking, hanging out with Ty (my pup), crosswords, IPAs, goaltimate, celebrating my birthday EVERYday.

Celebrating Kirsten’s actual birthday with a pinata

Favorite pump up jam: “Timber has grown on me”

My greatest irrational fear is…  sloths. Specifically a sloth named Alf that crawled around my bedroom at night when I was trying to sleep. It happened at an ecotourism farm that I volunteered at for two weeks in Ecuador. It was terrifying! Although probably shouldn’t have been…I didn’t know anything about them at the time.

Fun Facts: This is the 12th city/region that I’ve lived in since I graduated from college.
My favorite ice cream flavor is classic vanilla…that about sums everything up.

Editor’s Note: Kirsten has won 2 National Championships- one withFury in 2003 and one with Scandal in 2013.image

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