Kami Groom


Name: Kameryn Klaire Groom, #1

AKA: Zoom Zoom Kami Groom, Wonder Twin

Age: 24

Hometown: Liberty, MO

Position: D-line Cutter

Years on Brute: 1st year!

Ultimate Resumé: Washington University WUWU (2009-2012), Captain (2012); St. Louis RevoLOUtion (2010-2011); St. Louis Thoroughbred (2012); Chicago Nemesis (2013); U23 National Team (2013).
Callahan Top 10 (2012), South Central All-Region (2010-2012), South Central FOTY (2009)

Off-field Role: Executive Director of the SCSPLHN (Society for the Correct Spelling and Pronunciation of Liên Hoffmann’s Name).

In real life I…just finished Teach For America in Kansas City, MO where I taught a self-contained class of seventh and eighth grade New Americans. I will soon be teaching elementary students in Taiwan as a part of a Fulbright grant. After that, I’m looking at graduate school. I enjoy eating out, learning languages, reading, and writing/sending out spectacular public service announcements to our team.

Favorite pump up jam: “Up Up & Away” by Kid Cudi

Celebrity I most self Identify with: Hermione Granger

My greatest irrational fear: Even numbers

Food I could eat forever: Bacon mayonnaise sandwiches

Fun Fact: I wrote my Senior Honors Thesis on Tolkien’s Elvish.



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