Jojo Emerson


Name: Joanna Grace Emerson, #46

AKA: Jojo, Joj (“One word, the second j is always lower case. No space, no dash. None of this JoJo, Jo-Jo, j0j0 crap”).

Age: 23

Hometown: Arlington, VA

Position: O-line handler

Seasons on Brute Squad:

Ultimate Resumé:
-YHB 2008-2012 (captain 2012)
-USA U20 2012
-Tufts Ewo 2013-2017 (captain 2016),
-Boston Siege 2015-2016

U20’s 2012

Off-field Role: Scout Squad, Proud member of the 3 little twigs (with Caitlin & Kami)

In real life I…
I do health policy research at Tufts Medical Center. I also enjoy baking bread, hiking, print making, and playing Big Buck Hunter. But mostly Big Buck Hunter.


Tell me about your childhood pet:
I had a hamster named Nips when I was little – he bit people a lot. Also I didn’t know that Nips was slang for nipples…

What’s the best pickup line you’ve ever heard?
I like the “hey I’m going to whole foods, want me to get you anything?”

Favorite pump up Jam: I really like agro pump up music, so right now “Temple” and “Kung Fu” by Baauer

What’s the best/worst rosham you’ve ever won/lost?
I won a rosham to make someone pee themself in class – and they did it

What Harry Potter House do you think you belong in?

What Harry Potter House do you ACTUALLY belong in (Official Sorting Hat Quiz):
70% Ravenclaw, 30% Hufflepuff so I guess I’m not very self aware

Fun fact:
My sidekick superpower is saying other people’s jokes louder than they did and getting the credit (mostly Rachel Kramer’s jokes tbh)




Social media intro:  This player hails out of Arlington, VA where she got an early start dominating the field in high school for YHB. She then migrated to New England where she’s been known to roam the local/National frisbee fields with the other Elephant WOmen for the past 5 years #ThanksAgainTufts. She’s known to be quite smiley and friendly, but don’t let her relentless positivity and cheery personality fool you – she once won a rosham to make someone else pee themselves in class… and they did it. When she’s not too busy droppin’ dimes or making the world a better place by conducting health policy research, #46 JoJo Emerson can be found usurping the credit for other peoples jokes and destroying n00bs at big buck hunter. Learn more fun facts about Jojo (like her favorite pickup line) by clicking the link in her bio! #legendofnips #3littletwigs #RIPNorbert