Jessie Grignon Tomás


Name: Jessie Grignon Tomás, #27

AKA: TREASUREJessssiiieeeee;

Age: 30

Hometown:Trois-Rivières, CAN

Position: O-Line Cutter

Seasons on Brute Squad:

Ultimate Resumé:

National scene
– Bronze medalist in 2011(Onyx)
– Silver medalist in 2008, 2009 and 2015 (Onyx + Iris)
– Gold medalist in 2010 (Onyx)
-2015 Athlete of the year in Quebec
-Coaching various French Canadian teams since 2012

International scene
– WUCC 2010 : Silver medalist (Onyx)
– WUGC 2012 : Gold medalist (Team Canada)
– WUGC 2016 : Bronze medalist (Team Canada)
– World Games 2017 : Bronze medalist (Team Canada)

Off-field Role: Mental Toughness & Travel Squad

In real life I… am the Technical Director at the Provincial Ultimate Federation. When I’m not driving 5.5 hours one way to practice almost every weekend, I enjoy seeing my friends & family, hiking, and traveling.

Favorite pump up artist : Kendrick Lamar

What is the most fun/weird/surprising thing about playing for Brute Squad so far?  Everybody is very curious about how I pronounce french words. I was surprised to be the 6th oldest person on the TEAM ! :O

Tell an embarrassing story: In 2010, I don’t know what happened but I gained 20 lbs.

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What’s your first AOL screenname? pamplemousserose101

What is your biggest irrational fear? I hate to be in the dark ! And I hate to take a shower when I’m alone at home (psychooooo).

Fun & Weird Facts:
-I have very dry hands because of eczema!!!!
-I am not olddd!!!!
-I am half French Canadian half Spaniard


Sorry Canada, we’re not giving her back


Social Media Bio:

This next player comes to us from the North. I’m not talking about Maine, I’m talking about French Canadia! She’s no big deal – she’s only earned medals in every world games competition she’s been a part of (thats 4 so far), was named named 2015 Quebec Athlete of the Year, has racked up multiple layout blocks on certain unnamed Brute Squaders (before joining us), and she drives over 11 hours per weekend (uphill both ways) to practice with us. Yep, she’s pretty average. She’s only inspired every TEAM cheer this season (#cordonbleu) and her play has been highlighted by every ultimate media outlet in existence. Instead of finding embarrassing pictures of her on facebook, I could only find pictures of her getting massive layout blocks (so I made a collage, obvi). We like her only a little bit. JK WE LOVE OUR TREASURE, #27 Jessie Grignon Tomás and sorry Canada but we’re never giving her back! NEVER. #croissant #pinonoir #jetaime #pamplemousserose101