Jaelee Cruz

Name: Jaelee Cruz #36

AKA: Jae

Age: 26

Pronouns: she/her

Hometown: Washington State

Position: D like cutter

Off field role: Taco’s mom [author note: I meant what committee are you on but this was cute so I’m leaving it lol]

Season on Brute Squad: 1st!

Ultimate Resume: 

  • Wild Card 2021
  • League of Shadows 2019
  • Vice 2018

In real life I…work for a software company that promotes student voice and social emotional learning! Outside of frisbee, I like to hang out with my dog Taco and lift/work out.

College Major: Education

Tell an embarrassing story: I am that person who says “you too” when they say “enjoy the movie” so I have lots of stories I’m sure. I am allergic to strawberries, and once ate a slice of strawberry pie because my professor made it for me.


Fun Facts:  

  • I’m really good at making march madness brackets
  • I don’t eat fish because I’m scared of them lol
  • I was homeschooled throughout high school

Favorite thing about Brute Squad: playing with lots of amazing teAMmates that really push me!! also finally being on a team that uses slack

Who is your Ultimate role model? Johnny Bansfield, and our tEammates Doodle and Grinch!

Tell me something your parents don’t know about you: I truly don’t think they know I play frisbee

Favorite practice food: anything but pickles

Social Media Intro: Up next is this awesome D line cutter. After bouncing around a few different Boston teams, we’re so excited she’s landed with us! She’s lightning fast and has killer throws. In her free time, Jae likes to hang out with her (super cute) dog Taco and workout! She’s really good at making March Madness brackets and is that person who says “you too” when a worker says “enjoy the movie.” A couple more fun facts: she’s afraid of fish and one of her favorite things about Brute is that we use Slack! She’s allergic to, but once ate a slice of strawberry pie because her professor made it for her #whoops. Brute Squad is proud to present #36 Jaelee “Jae” Cruz!