Hannah Henkin


Name: Hannah Gould Henkin, #38

AKA: Hank, Honk, Herk. beep beep.

Age: 24

Hometown: Radnor, PA

Position: D-line handler

Seasons on Brute Squad: 1st!

Ultimate Resumé:

Youth: Radnor High School
College: University of Michigan Flywheel 2012-2017 (captain x2 ’16,’17)
Club: Green Means Go, Michigan/Columbus Rival ’15-’17
International: U20 2012, U24 ’16, ’18.
Ultimate Peace 2010 -2012, 2016.


Off-field Role: Fundraising & spy squad

In real life I… work in environmental consulting, benchmarking and improving companies’ environmental, social and ethical performance. In my free time I enjoy playing with dogs, trying new foods, skiing, hiking, being in water, and of course spikeball
Favorite pump up Jam: 
Body- Loud Luxury

What is the most fun/weird/surprising thing about playing for Brute Squad so far? How often we say murder…

What’s the best or worst bet you’ve ever won/lost: At Pro-Elite Challenge last year in Colorado, I lost odds and had to yell “Ultimate” like a stoner, every time I pulled. Even on Universe.

What’s your biggest irrational fear? Baby corn. and someday that my dog will answer me back.

What was your first AIM screen name? Ducky550

What’s your biggest pet peeve? picky eaters

Tell an embarrassing story:
-Frisbee: In HS in the state finals, I hit my own teammate in the back of the head with a pull..
-One time I accidentally crashed a formal, red-carpet cookbook release in my zebra pajamas.


What’s something your parents don’t know about you? I broke my bow before my only ever orchestra performance in middle school, faked playing the whole time, and accepted flowers from my parents without telling them

Fun & Weird Facts:
-If I laugh really hard I start making this honking noise.
-I’ve played frisbee in 10 different countries.
-I grew up playing in HS with my two brothers and we would all run cup together.Image may contain: 3 people, including Hannah Henkin, people smiling, people sitting and dog

-My spirit animal is a goat.
-Fog is my favorite weather.
-I raised Koi fish when I was younger and know way more about them than the average human.
-I love card games and usually collect a deck from new places I visit.


Social Media Bio:

Last but certainly not least for our rookie bios we have a player that has been all over the world, playing frisbee – 10 Countries to be exact. She got her start in the infamous Radnor, PA while in HS. From there she played in three U20-something events, was a 2x captain for Michigan Flywheel, and played for various club teams in the midwest before finally making her way to Boston! Off the field she’s a jolly little fellow but when those friction gloves come it, Hank is all business. She’s calm cool and collected when the disc is in her hand and has plenty of tricks up her sleeve that make ya say W:oW, which is why she fits in perfectly on our O-line. Hank knows everyone – she has singlehandedly housed our team in about 5 different states. She’s the only Brute Squader to medal at 2018 worlds. Thank goodness we added another member to Jasian squad – we proudly present #38, Hannah “Hank” Henkin. Click on the link to read her full player bio and find out more  embarrassing stories like how she once hit her own teammate in the back of the head with a disc while pulling in HS State finals. #honkhonk #hashtagsforhank #hanktheminitank