Emma Palacio

Name: Emma Palacio #89

Age: 26

Pronouns: she/they

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Position: D line cutter

Off field role: Jersey Committee

Season on Brute Squad: 1st!

Ultimate Resume: 

  • Portland Rising (2020-2022)
  • Boston Slow (2021)
  • Adelphos (2019)
  • Northeastern Valkyries (2018-19)
  • Phila Green Means Go (2018)
  • Temple TUF (2014-18),
  • Phila Independence (2016-17)

In real life I… work as a multi-family housing access planner (building code consultant for ADA/accessible standards). When I’m not playing frisbee, I like to spend time biking, listening to music, sleeping/laying down, petting cats and eating ramen.

College Major: Historic Preservation

Tell an embarrassing story: One time in college I went to a workout class at our school’s gym and I didn’t realize it was a Zumba step class (I’m usually a pretty shy person).

Most surprising thing about Brute: there are so many sideline chairs

Fun Facts:  

  • my left leg is longer than my right by 3/4″
  • I’m missing a bottom front tooth
  • I played the clarinet in middle school

Who is your Ultimate role model? Liên Hoffmann

What’s your biggest pet peeve? slow walkers

What is your most irrational fear? mirrors

Social Media Intro: Our next rookie is a convert from our friends in the mixed division, Slow. They’re a scrappy d line cutter who will stick to you like glue to get a D and then run forever on a turn. They work as a housing access planner and their frisbee role model is our very own Liên Hoffman #wholesome. Upon joining Brute, Emma was most surprised by the number of sideline chairs we have, but don’t worry they’ll be convinced to get one soon enough. Emma’s most irrational fear is mirrors and their biggest pet peeve is slow walkers, so move out of the way people! Brute Squad is proud to present #89 Emma Palacio!