Emily Decker

Name: Emily Decker #19

AKA: Pups

Age: 26

Pronouns: she/her

Hometown: Anchorage, AK

Position: D line cutter

Off field role: Covid Committee & Jersey Committee

Season on Brute Squad: 1st!

Ultimate Resume: 

  • Portland Rising
  • Wildcard
  • Tufts Ewo

In real life I…work as an infectious disease epidemiologist. In my spare time I like rafting! Kayaking! (Even though I’m not a very good swimmer) Hiking! Camping! Anything outdoors. And drinking coffee.

Tell an embarrassing story: I dressed up as Peter Pan for approx 4 years as a kid, even had a stone dagger I used to play with🤦‍♀️ Also had 3 Peter Pan themed bdays. And only ate with my hands for a while because that’s what Peter does in the book.

Pups as Peter Pan (that’s a sword she’s holding, I’m told)

Favorite Pump Up Jam: Doses and mimosas – Cherub (forever bop)

Fun Facts: 

  • I was in the national tour of the wizard of Oz as a munchkin
  • I was a raft guide for 6 years
  • I’ve had the same water bottle for 10 years
  • Also love puzzling. Very competitive about it

Most surprising thing about Brute Squad: how much the tEam loves chocolate milk and seltzers.

How many raccoons could you fight at once? 5

Who is your Ultimate role model? All my teAmmates. Also my brother but I’d never tell him.

What’s your biggest pet peeve? HOLES IN SOCKS! Mainly in other peoples socks

What is your most irrational fear? Birds. Just birds. Not sure it’s an irrational fear though – Canada geese are scary

Favorite practice food: Sour patch watermelon and post practice ice cream

Social Media Intro: Another day another rookie! This one got her start playing at Tufts and is continuing the Ewo -> Brute pipeline. She’s a huge asset to our D line with her awesome handler defense. Pups is a woman of many talents though: when she was a child, she was on a national tour of The Wizard of Oz as a munchkin. If you hang out with her, do NOT have holes in your socks. It’s her biggest pet peeve. But please DO ask her about the time she dressed up as Peter Pan on Halloween for four straight years as a child. She loves to hike, do puzzles, drink coffee and works as an epidemiologist. Brute Squad is proud to present #19 Emily “Pups” Decker!