Help Brute Squad get to Nationals!

Our goal is to fundraise $10,000, which is the amount the team puts up each year to compete around the country for tournament fees, accommodations, and transportation (not even including flights/uniforms/gear/practice fields).

Gold Sponsor: $1000+
Donate this amount to cover one hotel stay at a tournament!

Silver Sponsor: $500+
Donate this amount to cover one team tournament fee!

Bronze Sponsor: $100+
Donate this amount to help cover field rental costs!

Donations in any amount, no matter how big or small, are all greatly appreciated and will add up to help us get to Nationals!

Thanks for your support!

Thank you to our generous donors!
Gold Sponsors: Michael & Allie Lawler

Silver Sponsors:

Bronze Sponsors: Jennifer Burrows, Eileen Kim, Robert Kurshan, Henry Thorne, Jin Ding, Carl Manison, Douglas Sturz & Family, Andrew Green, Dan & Thea Cogan-Drew, Emmanuelle Humblet, Catherine Banson & Family, Pierre & Marie-Claire Humblet

Supporters: Caroline Kim, Aran Parillo, David Benedict, David Hu, Eric Wood, Jeffrey Zapfe, James Moore, Corey Salvatore, Joan McQuaid, Alicia Wagner, Cheryl Ziperstein, Paul Greff, Carl Rosenberg, Martha Uhl, Courtney Williams, Elena Lee, Tucker Evans, Tim Harvey on behalf of the BUDA Tubbs summer club team, Neda Bagheri, Ryan Kelly, Janice Hendricks, Scott Flaherty, Jan Browning, Matthew Houghteling, Barbara Crockett, Ramon Soto, Ellen Stahl, Adam Sigelman, Katie Maloney, Jean Kannan, Alan & Linda Stockdale, Hsin Jung & Hsinhwa Lee, Lauren Childs