Courtney Kiesow


Name: Courtney Kiesow, #2

AKA: Bourtney Kliesow

   Age: 29

Hometown: Madison, WI

Position: Cutter

Years on Brute: 2

Ultimate Resumé:
High school: Madison Memorial High School  2003-2004, captain 2004
College: Wisconsin – 2005-2009, captain 2007-2009. First team all-region, Callahan Award Winner 2008.
Madison Club: 2004-2007, captained somewhere in there
Nemesis: 2009-2011, captained 2011
Heist: 2012

Off-field Role: Keeper of the Bose… and Captain, I suppose.

In real life I…am in grad school to be a Nurse Practitioner at MGH. Mostly I spend my free time trying to find my next coffee. Other interests include: talking about how much homework I need to do, occasional yoga classes, biking, and almost finishing several books.

Favorite pump up jams: Rick Astley Pandora

My greatest irrational fear: Flesh eating bacteria (necrotising fasciitis, if you will)

Sad Fact:  The sports I did the longest before ultimate were figure skating, horseback riding, and softball. So embarrassing.

Editor’s Note: Courtney has such great spirit that she once called a travel on herself during practice when she was  demoing an imaginary throw-and-go (she had no disc). image

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  1. I coached figure skating for 10 years while the boys were growing up before going back to school for nursing

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