The 2013 Clinic Season has begun!

We are so thankful and fortunate to have the opportunity to hold clinics for Wellesley College A & B teams, Smith College, Brandeis University, Northeastern B, Olin College, Amherst College, Williams College, Needham High School, and Bridgewater State mixed!  Thank you to all of these schools for your interest, support and dedication to your teams and to Brute!  We love y’all.

Team Clinic
Brute Squad offers two types of clinics for high school and college teams in New England that we would run at your school’s facilities from February through April. Team clinics run for three or four hours. Brute designs clinic content for your team based on what you think would benefit you the most — cutting, catching, throwing, marking, hucking, break-mark throws, zone D, man D, clam, etc. The clinic isn’t a “lecture” of any sort — it’s more of a cooperative learning experience where we discuss an aspect of the game, practice it with drills and individual attention, then put it all together in a scrimmage.

Skills Clinic
The second type of clinic is intended for a developing A-team or B-team. We would focus more on fundamentals (throwing flat, IO’s, OI’s, marking, downfield D, the stack, etc.) and give more individual attention towards developing a player’s basic skills. This clinic would be shorter, between two to two and a half hours.

Why is our clinic something you should consider?
As a team, we identify with you: We’re young, dynamic, knowledgeable, and since many of us came from college teams in the area, we’re looking to give back as much as we can. Through correspondence with your captains and/or coaches, we’d take the time to design the clinic to fit YOUR needs, instead of a one-size-fits-all deal, and make sure you really get the most out of it. In addition to the time spent in the actual clinic, you would have several new drills to implement at practices, and a renewed sense of focus of what to work on as you prepare for your spring tournaments and the USAUltimate series.

2012 Clinic Testimonials:
“Thank you Brute Squad for an amazing clinic! It was an amazing opportunity to rehash the fundamentals with elite players; I loved learning about marking and deep defense – it really helped to hear it explained from a different perspective. It was great to see Brutes keep it lively and engaging and give individualized feedback! I know for certain that I will take away what I learned in the clinic and apply it to my playing. thanks BS!” — Wellesley College B

“Thanks so much for a great clinic… I thought it was awesome to have so many Brute players present and I think there was a good balance between instructional time and drills, and focus and laughter. You all provided a very comfortable environment for them to really engage, and you did a great job covering the things I wanted you to go over with us and we will definitely be working on them in practice and incorporating them into our game plan. ” — Smith College coach

Request a Clinic
We are no longer accepting requests for clinics this spring.  But we will be back and ready to work after the 2013 season!  Thank you all for your interest and support!