Christie Kim

1780044_10101842479273652_625021564_oName: Christie Kim, #11

AKA: CK, Christie Kiiiiiim

Age: 28

Years on Brute: 8th! Co-captained  in 2010-2012.

Position: Defensive Cutter

Hometown: Army Brat, USA.  I went to high school in Springfield, VA (near DC) and my parents still live there

Ultimate Resume: Boston University Lady Ozone Pilots

Off-field Role: I run some of the teams weekly workouts

In real life I…:  work at a digital consulting agency, SapientNitro, as a Financial Operations Analyst but am currently transitioning to become an Interactive Project Manager.  I also coach the Harvard Women’s Ultimate Team (Quasar).  I live in Cambridge and have a giant, but gentle, loving Maine Coon cat named Samson.  He has a mustache and was featured on I am so, so proud.

Fave pump up jam: Rage Against the Machine, “Killing in the Name Of…” because I’m so hardcore
My greatest irrational fear is: 3 pronged forks… they are evil looking and scary.

Fun Facts:

I apologize in advance for anything I say or do to you when I’m HANGRY.
I specialize in taking exceptional glamour shots and send them to my teammates (hit me up on snapchat)
I used to be a poker stud and won 2 Texas hold ‘em tournaments in high school for a combined $550!



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