Halloween Throwback Edition!

It's Nationals Baby! But that won't stop our throwbacks... October is an awesome month, not only for awesome ultimate, but also Halloween! Check out some of us in costumes...maybe it was a halloween occasion...maybe it wasn't....Maybe these photos were given to me willingly...maybe they weren't. These are out there on social media folks. Love you … Continue reading Halloween Throwback Edition!

Throwback to Past Nationals…

It's the final countdown before we wanted to throwback to past fun memories of Nationals.  For more throwbacks of past Brute photos check out our photo section. Here are various highlights from different TEAM members from various years. We throw back to last year, and all the way to Brute Squad's second trip to … Continue reading Throwback to Past Nationals…

Throwback Thursday…to the (other) Club Years

Not all of us can say like Blake that we have been playing on Brute Squad for 12 YEARS...(wow!) Many of us have played on other club teams (womens and mixed) throughout the years - I think Kirsten and Leila win with the longest lists (that can be up for debate). For some of us, we played on the same team, but never … Continue reading Throwback Thursday…to the (other) Club Years

And Even More College Throwbacks…Here’s to the Wisconsin Bella Donna

The Bella Donna were a force to be reckoned with in college. Always a powerhouse team. Maybe that explains why we have so many Wisco grads on our team. 6 of our TEAMmates went to Wisconsin: Betsy, Witte, Courtney, Becca, Shira, and Bitterman.  Courtney played with TEAMmates and coached them.  Here's a look back at the … Continue reading And Even More College Throwbacks…Here’s to the Wisconsin Bella Donna

Throwback to More College Years…Brandeis and Boston University

The throwback to college years continues. Just look at these adorable budding friendships 🙂 This week, we feature the crew that went to college in Boston (excluding Tufts- hint that will probably come next week). 2 of our teammates went to Brandeis and 2 went to BU, so they got to play with and against each other. … Continue reading Throwback to More College Years…Brandeis and Boston University

Throwback to the College Years….UMich

So begins the throwbacks to the college years, where many of us were teammates. Here's to the fun times, the weird times, the high-release backhand times, the low-inside out flick times and the memories that college brings back. This Thursday we highlight Umich, where Ann Arbor was lucky to have all on one team: Ebae, Becky, Paula, … Continue reading Throwback to the College Years….UMich

Throwback to 7th – 12th Grade (The Awkward Years)

Some of us were little nuggets when we started playing frisbee. Visors were the style ok. We played with and against each other at NUTC camp, in middle school intramurals, and in high school. I have to be honest, this is mostly an Amherst, Andover, and Paideia throwback. We have even had teammates coaching other teammates … Continue reading Throwback to 7th – 12th Grade (The Awkward Years)

Baby Squad!

This weeks Throwback Thursday #tbt is all about baby Brutes! ...Maybe more like toddler Brutes- but see if you can guess the mini version of who is who (coaches included! And maybe coaches kids...) You can spot atleast 2 Brute babes with frisbees in their hands. #bladesfordays