Blake Spitz

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Name: Blake Gehrig Spitz, #5

AKA: Blaken(s)

Age: 32

Hometown: Oak Park, IL

Position: O-line Cutter

Years on Brute: “the dirty dozen”

Ultimate Playing Resumé: Brown University, Disco Inferno – 2002-2004 (co-captain 2003/2004); Brute Squad – 2003-present (co-captain 2007, 2008, 2014)

 Coaching Resumé: Harvard University, Quasar – 2008-2011 (2010 College Division Coach of the Year Recipient for New England Women); UMass-Amherst, Lady Zoo – 2012-2014

Off-field Role: Captain; human mega-phone; warm-up leader #turtlewalk

In real life I…am a librarian, and an archivisit wannabe. My hobbies include gardening, cooking, eating, yelling at sports entertainment, livetweeting episodes of the bachelor, appreciating beer, and most especially enjoying Amherst and my family (one love, one cat, eight chickens). I also like sending my team really, really long e-mails.

Favorite pump up jam: “it’s supposed to be Ke$ha, right?”

The celebrity that I most self-identify with is… one of those celebrity sloths or cats on youtube that likes to sleep a lot

Fun Facts: I was born with 1 kidney so don’t kick me on my lower right side. Left side is fair game.
Did I mention I have 8 chickens? My favorite chicken is named Cleopatra for obvious reasons, read more about them here:



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