Betsy Calkins


Name: Elizabeth Sydney Calkins, #4

AKA: Betsy

Age: 33

Hometown: All over Europe and North Africa

Position: D-line Cutter (Currently inactive due to injuries)


Years on Brute: 9

Ultimate Resumé: University of Wisconsin- Madison Bella Donna (callahan nominee); Madison Jazz

Off-field Role:  twitter squad, stats squad, compliment great playing squad, and captain of injured squad.

In real life I… am a Program Manager at Playworks Massachusetts which involves helping get kids in low-income schools become more physically active, build social emotional skills, and decrease bullying through play.  I play for the Boston Militia, a Women’s tackle football team. I am really good at physical therapy and knitting as well.image

Favorite pump up jam: “Never scared” by Bone Crusher

My greatest irrational fear is… People in masks

My secret talent: tracking wild animals

Fun Facts: I have won 3 Superbowls!

Sad fact: I tore my ACL at football practice, ending my ultimate season before it really began this year. Prior to that I tore my labrum at football practice and was only throwing backhands for a while. #injuredsquad


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