Becky Malinowski

Becky the driver

Name: Rebecca Swanson Malinowski, #13

AKA: Bemu, Becky

Age: 25

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI

Position: O-line Cutter

Years on Brute: 3, Co-Captain since 2013

Ultimate Resume: University of Michigan Flywheel, Hooptie, Overhaul, Slow White. Top 10 Callahan Nominee 2011, FOTY, All Region, 2013 Ultiworld 1st Team All-Club.

Off-field Role: Captain Finance, Master of Google Doc Squad

In real life I…Work as a software engineer at Factset Research Systems and I also coach Tufts Women’s B team (BWO). I live in Somerville with friends and enjoy hiking, biking, and forcing my team to listen to Enya and other bad music.

Favorite pump up Artist/Jam: Odesza. Cruise by Nelly is also a good crowd pleaser.

Celebrity I most self identify with: Jon Stewart…for a while now and I don’t know why.

Fun Facts: I once tried to start a band (I failed).
I was a line cook at a burger place that was on The Food Network, but sadly I wasn’t scheduled the day they were filming #almostfamous


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