#TBT to those first day of school outfits/picture days

Today we look back at the good old days when we didn't have to dress ourselves... ok fine, we probably all chose these awesome outfits. It's also apparent that bangs were very much in style, along with high socks... #saycheeeeese Amber fashionably rocks the side bag. (and the cutest bangs!) Schwam has some cool kicks and … Continue reading #TBT to those first day of school outfits/picture days

#TBT To Our Best Ultimate Moments

We are a group of women. And we play sports. So, naturally we are REALLY REALLY good looking when we play sports. At all times. That's why it's SHOCKING to find some pictures of us sweaty and sometimes looking awkward (Women don't sweat.) Ultimate is non contact sport...but we all know there can be some contact. Remember … Continue reading #TBT To Our Best Ultimate Moments

An Exclusive Interview With Captains & Coach of Brutesquad

As we dive into the official start of the season our Social Squad sat down with the Brutesquad captains (all Michigan alums) and Coach Ari for an exclusive tell-all. Taylor swift vs. Miley Cyrus- who would most likely make Brute Squad this season theoretically? "I think the team would hurt me if I didn't choose … Continue reading An Exclusive Interview With Captains & Coach of Brutesquad

Halloween Throwback Edition!

It's Nationals Baby! But that won't stop our throwbacks... October is an awesome month, not only for awesome ultimate, but also Halloween! Check out some of us in costumes...maybe it was a halloween occasion...maybe it wasn't....Maybe these photos were given to me willingly...maybe they weren't. These are out there on social media folks. Love you … Continue reading Halloween Throwback Edition!

Throwback to Past Nationals…

It's the final countdown before Nationals...so we wanted to throwback to past fun memories of Nationals.  For more throwbacks of past Brute photos check out our photo section. Here are various highlights from different TEAM members from various years. We throw back to last year, and all the way to Brute Squad's second trip to … Continue reading Throwback to Past Nationals…