Alex Ode



Name: Alexandra Diane Ode, #0

AKA: Odie, O, Hoodayyee yeaaaah yeah yeah.

Age: 25

Hometown: Boise, ID

Position: O-line cutter

Seasons on Brute Squad:

Ultimate Resumé:

Boise High Del monte All Stars
Idaho mixed YCC

University of Oregon Fugue 2012-2016 – 2 time national champs (captain)
All Star Ultimate Tour 2016 (captain)

Portland Schwa 2012-2015 (captain)
Seattle Riot 2016-2017 (spirit captain)
USA U24 2015


Off-field Role: Mental Toughness Squad

In real life I… am a vegetable farmer at The Food Project in Lincoln. I love everything outside. Swimming anywhere. Playing with River (the dog). Making friends and learning everything about their personalities.

Favorite pump up Jam: Lege!

What is the most fun/weird/surprising thing about playing for Brute Squad so far? Every one is super nice and welcoming.

Tell an embarrassing story:
Once I was using a garbage can as a changing room to take off my spandex and an ultiphotos guy took a picture of me. I probably take my spandex off in some pretty inappropriate places.
Or this other time at Denny’s I spilled syrup on my lap. I hate sticky mess and was thus incapacitated so a teammate had to wipe it out of my crotch.

What’s something your parents don’t know about you? I love skinny dipping

What was your first screen name/AIM: Aquaworm (like swimming + reading haha)


What’s your biggest irrational fear? I’m afraid of tripping and knocking out my front teeth.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?
Anything related to cleanliness. Like not putting the toilet seat down. Or leaving part of the plastic ring when you open a carton of yogurt. Or playing trashy tv when people are trying to sleep.

 Weird/Fun facts
-I like to eat vegetables in pancake form
-I like to talk about feelings
-I’m part of a potato pass


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Social Media intro:

This rookie logged some time with west coast teams Schwa & Riot in past seasons but this year she drove across the country to the Best Coast and boy are we glad to have her! She comes from the land of potatoes but refuses to eat them. She pretty much only eats mass amount of vegetables that she harvests herself because… she’s a farmer! When she’s not munchin on organic carrots or wrangling her dog River from a precarious situation, she can be seen jumping real high and releasing monster flick biscuits.  She’s a lover and f-eelings sharer and we’re so glad #0 Alex Ode is on our side. Click on the link to read her full player bio and if anyone finds that ultiphotos shot of her changing in a trashcan, please send it our way! #hooodayyyeee #veggies #aquaworm