Nicole Canning



Name: Nicole Marie Canning, #12

AKA: NiCoCo, CanCan, Nicki, Cole

Age: 26

Hometown: Farmington, CT

Position: D-line Cutter, shutter-down of handlers

Seasons on Brute Squad:


Ultimate Resumé:

Northeastern Valkyries 2012-2016, Captain 15-16 season, Coach 17-18 season
New England D-I 2nd Team All-Region 2015
New England D-I 1st Team All-Region 2016

Vice 2014
Siege 2015-2017

Off-field Role: Cooler Crew

In real life I… am in Product Marketing on the Women’s Classics Footwear team at Reebok. When I’m not playing ultimate I enjoy traveling, jumping or swimming in bodies of water, and trying to get the minimum amount of adulting done.

Favorite pump up Jam: Karaoke by Big Freedia feat. Lizzo or “whatever that song is that gets Sydney Pumped up”

What is the most fun/weird/surprising thing about playing for Brute Squad so far? A team cheer could be created from someone’s dinner order

What’a your biggest irrational fear? I have to sleep with a comforter even in the summer so the monsters don’t get me

What’s something your parents don’t know about you? I own over 40 pairs of sneakers- they know I own a lot but I’m not sure they realize how many

Fun & Weird Facts: 
-When I was 18 one of my jobs was living and working on a tall ship, dressing up as 18th century sailors and taking school kids out on sails.
-I once was on 3 different continents in 1 week.
-I once broke both my wrists at the same time.
-I have to wear padded spandex because I bruised my pelvis laying out once



Social Media Bio:

This dope AF player came sauntering onto the women’s pro club scene for the 1st time this year!  She’s a homegrown New Englander, hailing out of CT.  She started her career with Northeastern Valkyries in 2012 and hasn’t left Boston since, spending 1 club season with Vice and 3 club seasons with Siege before joining Brute this year. You read that right, she is about to go to her very first club nationals with Brute Squad, yet she’s already been interviewed by ESPN this season for her breakout performances in some of our biggest games. CanCan can be seen streaking deep with 2 long arms outstretched reaching for a deep disc that might not have even left the throwers hands yet. She’s not a jesus fanatic, she is just simply foreshadowing the inevitable sky that is about to take place.  She’s open even if she’s covered #suckitari, and if you’re an o-line handler, you best summon your ancestors for protection because if she’s guarding you then there’s a 70% chance she’s shutting you down 100% of the time. Learn more fun facts about our beloved #12, Nicole Canning like what her parents don’t know about her and why she used to dress up like an 18th century sailor – by clicking to see her full bio. #WoW #bananas  #IfAnyoneCanCanNicoleColeCanCan #shoeqween