#TBT to Youth Sports

SPORTS! Remember what sports we used to play before ultimate frisbee?

Yea, it’s hard for us to remember those times as well…. and some of us have been playing ultimate forever. Here are some scanned pictures from disposable cameras because in our youth we didn’t have fancy technological cameras.

Sydney Dobkin – still needs to work on her bat grip: IMG_1879Shira Klane – reppin’ 25 from the start:10846302_10103742845943607_2703518740012945580_n

Vicky Negus  the one-legged runner:IMG_0590Sarah Cook – aka Michael Jordan:image1 (3)Dory Ziperstein and Chelsea Murphy. Amherst. Enough said:FullSizeRender

Rachael Westgate – the first Katniss Everdeen:IMG_4115Paula Seville – a true Brutesketball player from the start:00000008Amber Sinicrope – playing fris since the womb:earlyfrisbMagon Liu – a true paddle board player since her youth:IMG_9890Leila Tunnell – bringing the scrunchie/top pony back:photoLien Hoffmann – SPORTS:trumpet


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