An Exclusive Interview With Captains & Coach of Brutesquad

As we dive into the official start of the season our Social Squad sat down with the Brutesquad captains (all Michigan alums) and Coach Ari for an exclusive tell-all.

    • Taylor swift vs. Miley Cyrus- who would most likely make Brute Squad this season theoretically? “I think the team would hurt me if I didn’t choose T-Swift.”
    • When you think of a winning hashtag for brute squad this season, what are some ideas? “#letitflan (I can’t take credit for that) More like #BRUTESQUADgetdownWHAT”
    • Now what exactly does Skeeahreet mean? Could you spell it? “Like the minor Jewish holiday that occurs around Christmas, it has many equally invalid spellings to try to represent it in the english language.” Could you define it? “Similar to porn, it is hard to define, but you know it when you see it (happen).”
    • Would you rather overeat too many s’mores the night before a tournament or only be able to eat kale and drink water the night before a tournament? “Overeat s’mores, definitely.”
    • In terms of training- how much do you plan to make the team do? And what will it look like?lots of bosu balls & swim noodles”
    • What spirit animal does the whole Brute Squad team embody? “Obviously a Wolverine…”
  • In terms of motivational speeches- can you give us a sample of something you might say to the team this year? what do you pull from in your personal life? “This.”
    • If all of Brute Squad was on the Bachelor who would make it the farthest? “CK.” Who would win first impression?First impression rose to Shira.”
  • What song(or tv show) best describes Brute Squad so far this year? “Game of Thrones, right? We’re the white walkers since we’ve endured such a long, terrible winter. “

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