Throwback Thursday…to the (other) Club Years

Not all of us can say like Blake that we have been playing on Brute Squad for 12 YEARS…(wow!) Many of us have played on other club teams (womens and mixed) throughout the years – I think Kirsten and Leila win with the longest lists (that can be up for debate). For some of us, we played on the same team, but never at the same time.  (Kirsten, Leila, and Murphy all played Ozone…but never together). Pretty much all of us have played against each other all throughout highschool/college/club in various ways, so it’s exciting to finally be on the same team (finally…or once again).

This week we throw back to the days when we played on other club teams with current TEAMmates. Ebae, Becky and Vicki Chang played Slow White. Becca and Courtney played on Heist together and we just have an absurd amount of us who have played Nemesis: Liên, Kami, Becca, Paula, Courtney…did i miss anyone?

…Oh and I had to highlight the Lien/Kami matchup in college…because that’s just a bonus awesome thing 🙂 and we see glimpses into the best friend budding friendship!

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