Throwback Throw Like a Girl Thursday

This week we pay homage to our ballers (ok, you are right, all of our TEAMmates/coaches are ballers) but these ballers are special.  There are reasons we call some people Princess LiLi and bow to Queen LeiLei every time she touches the frisbee. I don’t think we have to get into the way she farms goals…and D’s…

These TEAMmates are special because they won/were in the top 5 college players for the Callahan. Have you not heard of the Callahan award? Here are the details. It’s kinda a big deal.


And what’s also kinda a big deal is how many players (+ our coach!) we have on our team who were past Callahan winners

Mike Zalisk 2002

Courtney Kiesow 2008 (click on the link for a video gem)

Leila Tunnell 2011

Paula Seville 2012

And we also have multiple players who were in the top 5!

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