Throwback Thursday!

So, we have found that there are some fun connections with teammates throughout the years – and we are going to feature this and more on our new weekly editions of Throwback Thursday…

In honor of the 2014 Women’s Junior World’s team win (with our very own teammate as a contributer!) today is a throwback to junior worlds days….

2004 Emily Baecher and Leila Tunnell

2006 Leila Tunnell, Dory Ziperstein, Chelsea Murphy

2008 Paula Seville, Claudia Tajima

2010 Claudia Tajima

2012 Qxhna Titcomb, Angela Zhu, (As a coach) Leila Tunnell

U-23 Teams in 2013: Kami Groom (womens team), Claudia Tajima (mixed team)

2014 (throwback to last week) Angela Zhu

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