Brute Takes Silver at 2014 US Open

Brute Squad was the talk of the women’s club division this past week, with a strong 2nd place finish at our first Triple Crown Tour tournament, the 2014 US Open.


After seven pool play games, we finished with a record of 5-2 in order to start bracket play seeded 2nd. Highlights of pool play included wins over Iceni (15-6), Bamboo (15-1), and strong wins against Traffic (14-7), Scandal (14-10) and Fury (15-12). The Fury game was significant to Brute’s history as we had yet to beat them in more than a decade of match-ups. We also logged two losses in pool play, a close one to Showdown (12-13 in the hard cap) and Riot (15-12).


IMG_1532Another tournament highlight included Kirsten’s birthday. But did we mention it was Kirsten’s birthday? We had a pinata, and Schwam chased her around with the boom box singing Katy Perry’s “Birthday.” It was awesome.


In our semi-finals game, we got to match up against Traffic once again. Although we had beaten them solidly the day before, we knew they were going to bring it in our re-match. As the game got underway, the wind started to pick up a bit, and we knew it was going to be another tough game.


Traffic came out ready to run, getting up to a 3-0 lead against us. They held onto their lead for the first half, taking half 8-6. However, we went on a 3-score run to make it 9-8 and despite a defensive break from Traffic, we edged them out with a 14-10 win.


The game featured an amazing defensive shutdown by Brute Squad, with multiple D’s in the endzone, including a nasty layout Callahan by Liên Hoffmann (note that this is the correct spelling of her name) that was named the Patagonia Play of the Game. Becky Malinowski, Kirsten Unfried, Chelsey Murphy and Laura Bitterman all came up big on offense.



In our finals matchup against Riot, the game started much the same way as it did against Traffic – Riot went out to an early lead 3-0 before Brute was able to tie it up at 3’s. We traded points for most of the first half before Riot took half 8-5.


Regrouping at halftime, we came out strong and were able to score twice to bring the score within 1 (7-8) but the soft cap was on and two scores from Riot ended the game at 7-10. Qhxna Titcomb, facing her older sister and former Brute, Rohre, played great on both sides of the disc, with a layout D on the dump and huge upwind pulls. Liên Hoffmann also came up big with a couple of blocks and assists. A big forehand from Courtney Kiesow to Kami Groom landed our defensive break out of halftime.


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